The B.B.P.R. is composed by: Gian Luigi Banfi (born on 2nd April 1910, Milan), Ludovico Barbiano di Belgiojoso (born on 1st December 1909, Milan), Enrico Peressutti (born on 28th August 1908 in Pinzano del Tagliamento, Udine) and Ernesto Nathan Rogers ( born on 16th March 1909 in Trieste).

Banfi, Belgiojoso and Rogers attend the liceo classico Parini and then, in 1927, they decided to attend the school of architecture by Gaetano Moretti, where there were only eight students.This kind of school tolerated the development of European modern architecture especially the rationalism suggested by the "Bauhaus" . However it was based on traditional teaching. In this school Banfi, Rogers and Belgiojoso obtained the doctorate and in 1932 they founded B.B.P.R., a professional study of architecture. They undertook a large professional activity which included regional town-planning, architectural planning, the drawing of interiors with a remarkable committment in spreading modern architecture. They also practiced a theoretical activity: they were coeditors and they pubblished texts on the magazines: "Quadrante", "Rassegna di architettura", "Domus" and "Casabella" of which Rogers become director. Since 1935 they were members of CIAM (International Congress of Modern Architecture) in which a lot of European architects took part. In 1938 the enforcement of racial lows obliged Rogers to hide his partecipatin in the study activity. For this reason the B.B.P.R. dissented from racism and they joined the movement "Justice and Freedom".Later they were called to be part of the CLN (Nation Liberation Committee) of which Peressutti was a member too. In 1944 B. and B. were imprisoned because of an informer while R. was obliged to expatriate to Switzerland.Banfi was deported to the camp of Mauthausen-Gusen II and Belgiojoso to the camp of Mauthausen-Gusen I. While Belgiojoso was liberated on 5 May 1945 , Banfi died on 10 April 1945 a few days before the end of the war. Since March 1944 Peressutti carried on his own the activity of the study, while R. was interned in Vevey. He is one of the directors of  "Bollettino del centro studi per l' edilizia". When R. and B. comeback, they resumed the intense professional activity in the Milan of the aftermath.